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Saralee Durham
Name Saralee Durham
Location Corpus Christi, Texas
Age 40
Joined 595 days ago
Hobbies I enjoy playing pool with my wonderful husband which I ve been married to for 5 great years and we also like dancing and driving by da bay, laffing and talking. My main hobby is watching Ellen. I didn't do anything special for our anniversary, but da best gift was watching Ellen.
About Me I live life to da fullest. I loooove watching over my 91 year old dad. I always tell him, Papi I think you might out live me. He is so heathy and for that, I owe it to da man upstairs, becuz he has granted him so many years. I wish to live dat long, but I am not dat healthy. I am a diabetic and take medication daily to control it. Times are thought with our insurance not covering our medz like dey used. But everyday we still wake up and live it to da fullest. My husband is disabled and was crushed by 3500 lbs of steel. He was pinned for one minute, til help arrived. Once again, da man upstairs was looking over us. With your positive thinking, Ellen, I look forward to another day. I thank you. I love Ellen.
Saralee Durham
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567 days ago

Ellen! Your on! Shake it! Shake it! Shake it baby! Ok.... I'm tired... You shake it for me! Love you!

Saralee Durham
Message from Ellen
569 days ago

I love the Big Bang Theory. Especially Sheldon! You should really have him on your show Ellen. And me of course. Lol love you Ellen!

Saralee Durham
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595 days ago

Ellen you are da most amazing woman I have ever seen on television. I need not say anymore. It's people like you dat makes da world go round. When you say, be kind to other, I am. And it makes feel like a better person in life. One day I will go see your show even if it take a life time. I will see you. People have have different goals in life. Mine is to have da chance to meet you. I love you Ellen. It's my highlight of da day to see your show. I see it EVERYDAY. YOUR DA BEST.... LOVE ALWAYS SARALEE.