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Sarah Wall
Name Sarah Wall
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Hobbies Listening to Katy Perry and many other favorites (mainly Katy, she is my favorite) Sleeping and eating are pretty great Serving my community Hanging out with friends Watching awesome movies (Katy Perry's movie, duh)
About Me My name is Sarah, but I go by many things: Sarah, Sade, Sar, Surrah. I will answer to any of them! I am a very strong Christian and I live my life for Jesus Christ. He is my savior and salvation, someone that I can always turn to, and someone who teaches me to love every single one of his creations no matter who they are or how they live their life. I am constantly encouraged by my savior and try to show that in my everyday life! I LOVE KATY PERRY. She is amazing and I constantly am listening to her music. I became a huge fan of hers right after her movie came out and ever since then I am hooked. She inspires me daily to not give up on anything I am doing. I am a local Young Life Leader (young life is a christian ministry for high schoolers) where I simply hangout with high school girls and talk to them about life and about Jesus! I am so inspired to lead these girls to be great people and to above all else serve one another and serve their community. I greatly believe in giving back to the people around me that have less than I do and that really need The Lord, and I try to encourage others through how I live my life to be great people and to do great things. I am constantly inspired by the story of Katy Perry and how she rose to the top without giving up. I know that it is possible to achieve your dreams and She has given me hope to do so. One day I dream of meeting her and hopefully becoming great friends. Even though that sounds like a far-fetched dream, I have hope and I won't give up! :)
Sarah Wall
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486 days ago

HI ELLEN! Oh my LAWDY this is the PERFECT submission area for me, I AM KATY PERRY'S BIGGEST FAN!
ALRIGHTY, so I am going to tell my story of how I became a fan of Katy's, this is a shorter version, but here it goes: Back in July of 2012 I had this random dream one night that Katy asked me to go on tour with her and hangout the whole time, I accepted and we had a grand time! Well I woke up thinking that's weird I'm not even like a huge fan of her or anything. A couple days later my best friend and I went to go see her movie because we heard some good things about it. I LITERALLY CAME OUT OF THAT THEATER A CHANGED WOMAN. I started listening to all her music, reading up on her, watching so many youtubes, and just like that I was FOREVER hooked. Some of my friends look down on my obsession, but Katy encourages and inspires me to stand out and above all else BE A FIREWORK! Any mood I am in, Katy is my go to no matter what, she is my everything and I am so very thankful for her. I have been listening to her since the 8th grade when I Kissed A Girl went big, but I am now her biggest fan and I am not ashamed in any way to show it. I know my story probably isn't much compared to many other fans of hers, but PLEASE take the time to consider my submission. She makes everyday a lot better in my world. I sadly acknowledge that the odds are against me, but I have hope that THIS IS MY CHANCE TO MEET KATY PERRY! I have never won anything, and to win this would be my BIGGEST dream