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Sarah Perry
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Dear Ellen,

I watch your show religiously and absolutely adore you. This is the first time writing to your show, and I want to thank you so very much for your monologue today about Abercrombie & Fitch, and body image as a whole. I'm a 28 year old woman, and last year I finally confronted and began recovery for anorexia. This past year has been the absolute hardest of my entire life, and it pains me knowing that women have to struggle with this every day. The expectations that society has on what a woman should look like is despicable, and the A&F brand should be ashamed of itself.

Hearing your take on this issue was such a nice thing for me; it brought tears to my eyes when you said that a person is not a pant size, but that it is who the person is on the inside that matters. I cannot tell you how many people have said the same thing to me, but hearing it from you was special, probably because not only do I look up to you, but millions of people do too. During the process of gaining my weight back, I felt that I had no self-worth; I was embarrassed to be seen by people, even though I looked completely normal. You helped me today by validating that my health, and my inner beauty is far more attractive than any size 0 jeans, and I want to thank you for that.

Please continue being you, because I will never stop being me :)