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Sarah Min
Name Sarah Min
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Hobbies One Direction
About Me One Direction is my life i would be nothing without them <3 i dream of getting the opportunity to meet them
Sarah Min
One Direction and Keira Knightley
617 days ago

Hi Ellen,

My name is Sarah Min and I am a hugeee Directioner and I love your show so seeing them on ur show is like Wonderful and words cant describe how excited i am to see it. My dream is to one day meet one direction and tell them how much of a change they have made in my life. Ive been there for them ever since i saw them on the X-Factor i instantly fell in love with them. My friends have been able to meet them but i never have either because my parents dont want to me to spend the money to see them or we have previous commitments. Ask any of my friends I am absolutely addicted to 1D's songs and their amaZAYN, fabLOUIS, ExtrodenHARRY, PhenomiNIALL, and brilLIAM Personalities. They always seem to cheer me up when i am down or feeling upset. The lyrics of the songs that they sing make me feel like i am worth something. I know you probably are busy and will never see this comment but if u do and I get the oppertunity to meet these boys then I will forever be greatful and words will not begin to describe how happy i will be. I still think of them as the boys that auditioned on X-Factor and the boys that i fell in love with. I have been their with them from day one and i will continue to support them no matter what and through their entire careers even if they dont notice me or ever get to meet me. I know this may seem like a long message but One Direction is like my life i dont know where i would be without them. They taught me that its ok to be myself and not pretend to b someone im not. They are just normal boys that get the amazing opportunity to live amazing lives and just have fun. I love these boys to death and i would give up anything just for the chance to meet them. They mean the world to me and i would love the opportunity to tell them just how much they mean to me. I know i will probably never get a chance to meet them but I would really love it and appreciate it if i could. People make fun of me because im in love with boys that dont even know i exist but i dont care what they think I'm in love with one direction, their personalities, music, angelic voices, and just EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM. I dont know why ppl are commenting or if this is a challenge or not but I'm just praying that i will get the amazing opportunity to meet them one day. Everyone tells me "they are just another boy band" or "you need to stop obsession about ppl that dont know u exist" but thats the thing they arent just another boy band they are the most down to earth boys and normal boys that you would see(if you watch their videos) They teach me to get over my insecurities which is really hard for me because all through middle school i was made fun of for being different and they used to call me ugly. I hated myself and my life. Once i saw one direction i instantly fell inlove with them. They gave me hope that its ok to b who u are. I have been with the fandom ever since and i will continue to support them through everything that they have gone through. Louis and Eleanor are the cutest couple i have ever seen. Zayn and Perrie are absolutely amaZAYN and I even supported Liam and Danielle. I'm sad they broke up i thought they would last foreverrrrr. Moral of the story, one direction is my life and without them I dont know what i would do. They mean everything to me and if i got the opportunity to meet them i would forever be grateful.

-Sarah Min
16 from Chicago