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Lea Michele on Cory Monteith
230 days ago

Lea Michele is an amazing and strong woman. She inspires me when I'm feeling down and I just don't think I can pick myself up out of bed. I think about my problems and compare them to what she has gone through...and I see how uplifting and courageous she has been, and it makes me feel like I can do the same. All of you people who say you think she is playing the "poor girlfriend card". Please, just learn to have some compassion. I'm pretty sure this is the first actual sit-down interview where she has talked about Cory. As for the other red carpet interviews and such, you have to understand that Lea went through a VERY public tragedy. Of course interviewers are going to ask her about it! You people are acting like she is going out of her way to volunteer to talk about Cory! People ASK her, so she talks about it. She isn't playing any card, she isn't being fake, she isn't using the tragedy to get ahead. She is doing the best she can to move on with her life, and sometimes moving on includes talking about something painful so you can get past it. Is she supposed to completely move on and pretend Cory was never a part of her life? This only happened less than half a year ago! Only a heartless person would tell her to move on and quit talking about him already. And yes, they weren't married, but they were probably headed that way. Before they were boyfriend/girlfriend, they were friends for several years. It's like she lost four people - a coworker, a friend, a boyfriend and a future husband. All of the cruel people with nothing positive to say, just go away and save your hate for yourself. Lea has been nothing but classy in this situation and I respect her for it.