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Name Sarah
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Hobbies I enjoy playing basketball. I like to work out 3-5 times a week. I love listening to Justin Bieber and watching interviews online. I love to go out with my friends. My favorite times are times that are not planned! Just get up and do it!
About Me There is so much about me that I could not explain in a few words. I will be short and simple: I am a genuine girl who loves to do more for friends and family more than herself! When I do things for others it makes me smile to see them smile!
Justin Bieber
354 days ago

Hi Ellen!

I am Sarah, and I have always been a fan of Justin! I may not be the kind of fan who has posters all over her room. I may not be the kind of fan who follows him places. I am the kind of fan who listens to his music A LOT! I am the kind of fan who genuinely listens to his lyrics and takes them in. I am the kind of fan who watches his interviews online because they always make me smile. I am just so interested in everything he does! I may be an older belieber (2 years older), but I do not let anyone who says stuff about it change the way I feel. My friends always have something to say about how much I tweet him or about him, but if you want to be noticed you have to be consistent! I feel like Justin is such a genuine sweetheart who is an all around amazing guy! He is always giving back to people, which makes him an even better person. I attended two of his concerts in June. I went to the Philadelphia one on June 17, 2013 then went to the second day of the Newark concert on June 31, 2013. The first concert I was in nosebleed seats, but I did not care because I was able to just be there, be in the same arena, be able to see first hand Justin's performance. The second concert I sat, stood, danced in the first row off the floor. It was amazing! I felt like he was singing directly to me. Both concerts my smile did not leave my face! I have never had a crush on a celebrity like I do with Justin. I would not beg to meet him, but I would LOVE to know when he is airing at your show again to just be able to listen in person. Watching all his interviews online still makes me smile, but I cannot even imagine the huge smile I would have in person. I believe Justin and I have so much in common that I know of that freaks me out! We are both March 1st babies and Pisces! I know you have a million people who probably leave comments, but thank you for reading this! Have a fabulous week! #21&stillabelieber

Xo Sarah DiGiorgio