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Name Sarah
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Hobbies Baking, cooking, reading, having fun!
About Me I enjoy anything that involves doing good for people. I get a surge of adrenaline when I get to do what I love that helps others. I have dreams and goals to accomplish that I think define me in every way. I am a baker and that is instilled in my everyday thought, for example list of things to do (ingredients), steps on how to do something (directions), and being creative and having fun while doing everything. :) I also love to read and write, anything really. It makes me be creative and use my mind in ways I never thought possible. So, Ellen team, remember me, because I am going to be known for doing good and for accomplishing my dreams.
A 14-Year-Old Hero
666 days ago

Wow. Truly an amazing one-of-a-kind 14 year old. We need more people like this in the world...

Bless you.