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Sara Fortney
Name Sara Fortney
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Hobbies Watching Ellen when ever I can. reading, gardening,loving my animals, chilling my family, camping,and a nice glass of wine.
About Me I am a 45yr old female, second marriage and a family of 4 boys and a male cat.I try to catch her shows daily, she inspires me to love my life each and everyday. I have written a bucket list inspired by the movie and my #1 goal is too take my sisters to an Ellen,show one day.I am a Canadian gal, who loves animals and like to surround my self with positive people. I love and adore my boy's and my best friend Steve who is the love of my life. I do hope that i can achieve what is on my bucket list before I leave this beautiful place. Ellen, you keep me smiling even when I have the darkest days! Menopause!!! LOL.
Sara Fortney
Ellen Walks Through New Orleans with Brad Pitt
678 days ago

It keeps me in apositive mindset, when we see people reaching out with helping hands.I don't know them and they don't know me, but if we can give just a little every day, we will achieve the greatest feat, a kinder world! Thank-you Ellen for showing us everyday that we can kill negativity with kindness. You keep us positive, happy, joyfull, and dancing in our every day lives. I am not a wealthy woman, but you have changed me to give more than what i have done before to those who need and I THANK_-YOU!!!!