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Sara Alicia Martinez
Name Sara Alicia Martinez
Location Laredo, Texas
Age 59
Joined 227 days ago
Hobbies Love to dance,walk,decorated different things.
About Me Looking for a job, sometimes feel that the older you get its harder to fine a good job, but I do have energy to go on even thou I am Diabetic. Looking for a partner to go out with, but no luck. would love to have a good job and a place of my own and a new car since I live with my sister and she been supporting me even thou shes disable I really feel bad because of that.
Sara Alicia Martinez
Message from Ellen
215 days ago

Hola! Ellen, I'm Sara 58 yrs old from Laredo,Tx I hope and wish with all my mind and heart to win your prizes.Had a nice X-mas with my Daughter,Son and Gran Children but had no presents to give them because have'nt found a job. still looking but no luck. Hope the New Year well bring me better luck just like I wish the very Best Health,Faith,and Prosperity to you and all your love ones and crew and my Sister wishes the same to you all. God Bless for persons like you as I've also seen on TV other persons like you that have surprise people with their giving. Well be watching you, God Bless You today, tomorrow and always.

Sara Alicia Martinez
Win All the Prizes from Day 7 of 12 Days!
227 days ago

Hola! Ellen I'm Sara 58yrs old live in Laredo,TX next to the border to Mex. and live with my sister with a disability, never tried to enter anything till now my sister watches your show every day and tells me try to enter 12 days of X-mas since I've been with out a job for almost a year don't have any money for X-mas this yr but I do believe in Miracles,Hope,Pray,and Wish to win one of the 12th day of your wonderful,Generous days. Dios Te Bendiga and Peace, Health, and Love to You,Porcha and all your Family Wish to meet you one day.