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Sanetria Rucker
Name Sanetria Rucker
Location Troutman, NC
Age 39
Joined 597 days ago
Hobbies Singing,cooking,reading,spending time with family,and watching Ellen
About Me I'm a single mother of 4 and 1 grandchild. I enjoy baking and trying ew things in the kitchen. Rite now I'm unemployed but I do believe that here soon a good job is coming. I attend online school and I'm enjoying that but I want to go on campus and get hands on experience. I love my kids and they are what keeps me pushing forward.
Sanetria Rucker
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584 days ago

Well you guys I guess we'll have to wait till next year an try again. I've been trying since she started the giveaways, our luck just sucks, I'm not gonna give up though! Someday soon I'll have luck! I love you and your show Ellen!!

Sanetria Rucker
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593 days ago

Please pick me Ellen! North Carolina loves your show!!!

Sanetria Rucker
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597 days ago

Pick me Ellen, I've been trying to get picked since the first time you ever started the giveaways. I guess I'm just not so lucky.