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Sandy Sullivan
Name Sandy Sullivan
Location jupiter, fl
Age 31
Joined 528 days ago
Hobbies taking care of my 4 month old baby,sewing and cooking
About Me I live in Jupiter Fl with my Husband Ryan, my 4 month son, Parker and my dogs Gus and Figment. And I'm just happy.
Sandy Sullivan
It's Kick in the Kindness Week!
528 days ago

Hi Ellen,

I just wanted to tell you a little about myself. I'm a 5 foot Veteran from the US Army. I served for 4 year, about 8 years back. I had a great time experiencing life and supporting my country. Right now I live in Jupiter with my husband Ryan, dogs, Gus and Figment and my 1st brand new baby boy, Parker. Since becoming a stay at home mom 4 months ago, I have to say besides the everyday joy my baby brings me, your show is truly a great reason to stay home. It has brought me laughter, and tears with all the inspiring moments you giving people. I'm going to start kindness in my neighborhood and you keep going all over the country. You guys are super great over there. Thanks for all you do!!!