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Sandy Stevens
Name Sandy Stevens
Location Honolulu, Hawaii
Age 57
Joined 596 days ago
Hobbies writing Ellen and entering contests in hopes of winning something, but have yet to win
About Me I would love to be able to give to people in need, but to say something about me, I have given most of my clothes away to people at work that I think need them more then me, then I'll just buy new ones, but now I don't work since my Son asked if I wanted to move to Hawaii to babysit for him and his wife who are both in the Air Force, so I quit my job of 9 yrs and came here so I don't make much money, and we live on the base, but occasionally I do get to go to the beach and see the Ocean and the beauty of Hawaii. In one year we will move and I hope they get Ohio since that's where my family and other children are and Grandchildren.
Sandy Stevens
You Write, Ellen Responds!
541 days ago this is my 4 yr old and 10 yr old Granddaughters dancing on the WII, sorry I couldn't find the submit video, but Ava Rhyan Hickey is 4 and Kylie Nicole Stevens is 10, thank Ellen if you see this, I just love you and your show and write all the time, but have never heard anything back:( Sandra Stevens Aloha from Hickam AFB in Honolulu, yea got to miss some cold winters, but we transfer in December and not sure where yet. I'm the Nanny of Kylie and 2 others Kaine and Chad II, and Ava lives in Ohio where I'm from, Thanks again and hope your Birthday was great and Portias, your a blessing to all

Sandy Stevens
Newsletter 12 Days of Giveaways Winner!
582 days ago

Well darn, I live in Hawaii and since the time zone is different it seems I enter on the wrong day, I'm not sure but I wanted to win so bad so I could give the gifts to those who needed them more than me. I live with my Son who is in the Air Force and I baby sit for him and his wife who is also in the Military. I did order a pair of shoes for my Granddaughter who is 10, but they sent toddler size so I was going to go around looking for a family playing in the yard and just hand them the shoes, but then I thought that wouldn't be fair if she had brothers and I didn't want to give them to goodwill, I just wanted to see how the little girl smiled after giving her the pretty new shoes and try to know just a little bit of how Ellen feels, I'm assuming Ellen doesn't read all the emails since she gets a million so she must have Elves:) helpers so maybe next year? So bummed now that it's over, but on my screen it says eleven days, but then it said the prize was given out for all twelve days to Jan in AZ, well I hope she does something good and pays it forward. Thanks Ellen and you that reading this, Merry Christmas

Sandy Stevens

Sandy Stevens
See the Winners from Day 3 of 12 Days!
587 days ago

You want our ugly sweaters, well I bet you can wear my sweaters, so I'll send you one right away, the uglier the better. Just kidding, I gave my winter clothes away to the people in need when I moved to Hawaii with my Son, but of course it's only temporary and helping him while he's in the Military. I watch my Grandkids. I really would love to win 12 days of Christmas, but if not can I please have some of your underwear, not yours personally, but the ones you give out on your show. I would love to have some, guess sz 7-8, well heck maybe a 12, oh just give me a variety of sizes, lol.... Thanks for so much you do for so many people and I'm trying to email you as much as I can so your workers recognize my name and get sick of me and I'll finally get to come sit in your audience or I can help you out on your show like whats her name that goes to houses and surprises them, that's what I would love to do too. It's a deal, oh boy I can't wait, lol Sandy Travis-Stevens that's my name on facebook

Sandy Stevens
See the Winners from Day 1 of 12 Days!
588 days ago

Hello Ellen, I'm going to sing for you, Let me Win, Let Me Win, oh Let me Win, that's instead of Let it Snow, but I'm guessing whoever is reading this may have guessed that? Please oh please let me win, I need to have something positive happen in my life, there's just been so much sadness, my Mom died and my Uncle, now my Brothers had a war on facebook about dumb politics so needless to say it's been hectic, sorry for being a downer, but you make my day an upper so thanks and even if I don't win, I'm glad you make others so happy!!

Sandy Stevens
Fergie and Day 6 of 12 Days!
590 days ago

Dear Ellen, Fergie is great, but I sure wish her Husband Josh had a twin since he's taken so can you fix me up? I'm older that you, but look younger, lol...oops there goes me winning those gifts. I would love to be on your dating show like I've seen before, but could you please make them all single Actors, haha. Love ya Ellen, your the best ever and please draw my name so I can win, I keep hoping everyday, but the last day I know you give all 12 days so maybe the best is for last don't I wish! Peace, Love, and Merry Christmas to you and Porshe, if spelled wrong, sorry Portia? Oh and a Happy New Year:)

Sandy Stevens
Ellen Gone Wild Game Week!
596 days ago

Win 12 Days of Christmas. YEAH!!!! GO ELLEN YOU ROCK, YOU ARE THE BEST PERSON EVER!!!! Thanks for all you do and give so much to so many in so many ways, wish I could do the same, but you got the lucky star and I didn't, not yet anyway and we're I think the same age, so my time's running out, but oh well I'll just watch all the smiles in your audience when you give them their gifts. You go girlfriend. You are loved by so many. I've emailed you so many times, sorry, but maybe I'll at least someday get an autograph or something like a job on your show, lol