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Sandy Lee
Name Sandy Lee
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Hobbies Marilyn impersonations, Photographic modelling, gym swimming, surf skiing etc. Looking for a break to have celebrity status so I can get work more consistant work in the photographic modelling industry... Can Ellen help me??
About Me This is a story it started of with me saying anyone like to join me on Richard Branson's Island & a like to a pic of a hot tub there. George came back with I could be persuaded. Sandy Lee: Then let's go George : ) George:Shouldn't we at least do dinner first Sandy Lee:lol Here's an idea we go there with a film crew and do a postcard thingy like Katrina Roundtree..Australian TV Presenter. Just an idea : ) George:Do you think Richard would fall for it. Sandy Lee:I am pretty sure he could be persuaded maybe if Jim Parsons (Sheldon) & Ellen could meet us there ... mmm but why would they do that... Now there's an idea.. Maybe by a famous gay couple say one from Australia and one from the US want to Marry on Richard Branson's Isand with Ellen & Sheldon as hosts and you and I as co-hosts ; ) You with me ? Now we just need to find the couple - just putting it out there? LOOKING FOR A FAMOUS SINGLE FEMALE OR MALE (GAY) IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH AN AMERICAN... Does anyone know anyone?? PREFERABLY THE AMERICAN PERSON TO BE FAMOUS AS WELL.. George:I think your Big Bang proposition has many Black Holes,but I'm more than happy to co host,just as long as I get to lie on that your vivid imagination happy to? Sandy Lee: But I just dont imagine I do actually try to do the things I imagine.. Lets see what happens hey : ) George:Love your enthusiasm,can you organise it for in the states then,going to the American golf masters then maybe a Caribbean cruise.maybe I can talk tiger woods into getting married their. ok then a double wedding one gay and one straight Could b the start of something beautiful Sandy Lee:I could marry Tiger as long as he promises not to cheat .. What u think.. Do u think he could promise lol George:I'm pretty sure he would do anything for a whole in one Sandy Lee: Hilarious what a good come back... Ur a funny guy lol