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Sandy Gagliostro
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Well, I just was granted SSD and received money for back pay. I went out and bought a car. I paid 2500.00 for the car and end up putting in another 3000.00 in it. And it needs other parts and don't have the money to put into it. My husband works very hard what he does and we can't pay our mortage and the rest of the bills. So, we can't afford to put any more money into this car and we need it, for me to go back and forth to the doctor appointments since my husband can't get off work to take me. I wish something good wood happen and it never does. I just want to get and forth to my doctors appointment. Our live without that car is a living hell. My kids try to help me out, but they have there own livies and worries. I wish I have something to rely on.