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Sandra Toth
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I am not anyone special....just a loving fan with a request . I am a 72 year old Grandma who shares a love for anything concerning the Hunger Games with my 17 year old granddaughter , Alexandra . When she was in 8th grade she had a "cool "teacher who assigned the "Hunger Games " as required reading . Alexandra fell in love with the characters and recommended the book to me . Of course I read the book and we both read the next 2 books in the series . We waited patiently for the movie and managed to get tickets to the midnight show at our local theater . We feel like we have met Katnis , Gayle , and Peeta and have reread the books a couple of times . We are now anxiously awaiting the next movie . Alexandra is a very special girl and we have a special relationship . She is a Senior in high school and working very hard in a special "Early Enrollment program
at Broward College to complete her senior year and first year of college at the same time.If you could send her an autographed poster or any item of interest concerning the Hunger Games she would be "Over the Moon " Thanks from a grateful Grandma. Ellen keep up the good work making us laugh ,\.