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Sandra Soto
Name Sandra Soto
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Hobbies reading, playing slot machines on computer
About Me I have 7 children, 3 adult sons whom i am very proud of 4 young children ages 10, 9,8, and 6,god has blessed me with my family. I have a man who is godsent, very good father, person and husband.
Sandra Soto
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451 days ago

Ellen, I have been so blessed to be able to watch you everyday. I love your kindness and way of defending the people that are afraid to speak up. I agree with you about the eagle scouts, I don't believe they should keep our gay brothers or sisters out of something they love to do. They don't realize that the very fact that they push them away can become the very reason most people become depressed and or commit suicide. I pray to god that this stops everywhere around the world and anyone can join any organization without any problems. Keep up the good job and GOD bless you.


Sandra Soto