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Sandra Kittrell
Name Sandra Kittrell
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Hobbies Reading grandchildren 9: 5girls 4boys they keep us busy
About Me I am a nurse- now on disability. I have 2 total knees, my back fused. fibromyalgia, suffer with migraines at times, but I keep going. I got nerve damage in my left leg after my total knee on that side so I had o go on disability as I can't walk very long without a lot of pain in my leg. It hurts all the time but walking hurts even more. We try to take up as much time with our grands as we can so that they know who we are. Family is very important to us as is the Lord. We are so thankful each of our children are teaching their kids to love the Lord and family.
Sandra Kittrell
'Twits & Ask' Gets Andy Dancing!
282 days ago

Has Tony left as Ellen's DJ? Have not seen him this season at all. We really like him. We like all the guest DJs, but thought maybe Tony wa on vacation, but this has been a long one if that is the case.