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Sandra Gardner
Name Sandra Gardner
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Hobbies Gardnening, basketmaking, volunteering, playing with kids, animals-u name it!!
About Me Born and raised in the NE. Moved to NY in "74. traveled, Married, had a son. Worked @ Husbands families business w/hubby for 11 years after raising son. Family business's ship stared to go sown in 2008, husband suffered heartattack due to stress. Closed store, lost home, moved to FLA to start over, still trying to start over. doing much better than many. We're lucky!! Love your show. :)!!
Sandra Gardner
Zooey Deschanel, Ricky Martin
227 days ago

Hi Ellen!!

You'v no idea how your kindness and energy affects others. I watch everyday at 4pm and LOL for one hour. Thank you.

Some day when I'm rich and famouse I'm coming to Hollywood and plan to dance my pants off on your show! Until then I'll cut the rug in my Living room.

Love ya and all the guys there we never see.