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Sandra Braenovich
Name Sandra Braenovich
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Hobbies Horse Back Riding, Outdoor Activities with my 12 year old daughter,Swimming,Walking,Bike Riding,Crafts and Reading.
About Me I'm 48 yr old single Mom of a wonderful 12 year old daughter. I believe everyday is a true Blessing.I'm like many others struggling to get by in this economy. I'm live on a tight budget so it's very hard to do what I need to do. We love you Ellen and your show we watch it everyday. Our dream is to one day come to the show and meet Ellen in person. We have never been to California. I've never been on a plane because I'm scared of flying but to get to see Ellen I would fly.
Sandra Braenovich
Quote of the Day: Kindness Week, Day 5
528 days ago

It takes less energy and strength to spread Kindness instead of hatred. The world needs its so PLEASE keep spreading the Kindness the world will be a happier place.

Sandra Braenovich
A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Sofia Vergara!
529 days ago

Ellen, I'm a big fan of yours We watch you show everyday. I love the part of your show where you was interfering with Sofia commerical. I'm sick with bronchitis having trouble breathing but this made my day I laugh so hard I peed on myself and I couldn't quite coughing. My daughter ran in the room had to keeping patting me on the back to get me to stop. Thank you so much for that you have made my Kindness week it's the priceless things that make your days. I love the chemistry you and Sofia have together I think you two should make a movie together. I know it would be a #1 hit because you both are hilarious together. Have a Great Valentine's Day! Thank again for the wonderful laugh if I never get to experience it again I got a true blessing today just because of Ellen & Sofia.

Sandra Braenovich
Kick in the Kindness Challenge: Day 3
530 days ago

Ellen, I made my daughters day and made her smile. She has been so depressed since her Grandma passed away. I brought her flowers, card and candy just to make her Valentines day and to give her a little of her happiness back. It has been a hard time for us. Happy Valentine's Day to You, Portia, Staff, Family and Friends! We Love you all!

Sandra Braenovich
'Kick in the Kindness' Challenge: Day 1
532 days ago

Ellen, I took the Kindness Challenge Day 1 here how it went. I complimented a lady on her outfit and she her reply was I can help you pick out some if you like. I just smiled as big as I could I told her thank you maybe when I get some extra money to shop I'll take her up on her offer. I just overlooked her comments and action of being rude, nasty with me (You really had to be there to see it). Just because I don't have the money to dress as well as she does gives no one the right to belittle others and make them feel so small. After all my clothes and body was clean. No matter what other do I will still be kind to everyone I meet because I know that acts of goodness will one day come back to you. I meet a older lady in CVS who was just standing there like she was lost I ask her if she needed some help with something. She said no thanks I just forgot what I came here for. Then she said to me sweetheart it was so kind of you to ask me if I needed help. I give the older lady a big smile and said your welcome anytime. See one good experience made up for the nasty young woman comments. So tomorrow I will try Challenge Day 2. Have a blessed week of Kindness. Your friend and fan, Sandra in Roanke Va

Sandra Braenovich
Shake It Down!
593 days ago

Ellen, We love your brother Vance song "Shake It Down". Great job! I like the part where the cow dancing. I love cows, Merry Christmas!

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