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Name Sandra
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About Me I am single and would love to meet a nice man. I am retired and like to travel the U.S.. I live in the desert in a city named El Centro. (not much happening there) My Mom is 85 and adores Ellen. My only son, Sky is a doctor in pediatrics, who also likes Ellen, but who doesn't, right!!
Message from Ellen
65 days ago

Lots of happiness to you and yours and same to your staff. I'll be watching your show and can't wait to see Leigh and Wanda. I love Big Bang and Jim Parsons and so many other funny talented individuals. Have a great week!

Lots of hugs and dances your way.

A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Sean Hayes!
300 days ago

Just love Sean. He's got it all- Well bundled!

Josh Duhamel, Bethenny, Alicia Keys!
402 days ago

Bethany. love love her. I can't wait to visit her show. You Both are "Fantastic!"

Hooray for Marriage
517 days ago

Must be The Best Man !

Wanda Sykes, Kevin Pollak
609 days ago

Oh WOW !!! She's Hilarious!!! Love her in everything she does, just like ELLEN, of course!

637 days ago

Who S C A R E D Who FIRST!!!!!!1

Madonna and Her Dancers
644 days ago

I tried to get on this show and the phone numbers I gave were not avail. to Ellen Staff because I stayed with my Mom who needed me and the other phone number given was my sister and husband who, left for two weeks to Sacramento. Dang it!!!