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Name Sandra
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Age 47
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Hobbies caring for my 2 teens and 2 cats; watching ELLEN :); dancing
About Me I am a single Mom of a 13 yr. old daughter and a 15 yr. old son, whom are both great kids! Divorced 3 years ago, which I understand now, "It is cheaper to keep her/him"! My daughter volunteers at a cat shelter, so we have acquired another cat (female cat does not like the new male cat). I love to make people smile and totally believe we are here to contribute to other people's happiness. I do a mean split on the dance floor (not that I have been on a dance floor in awhile). I used to watch Soul Train, starting at the age of 5, every Saturday morning with my other "white" friend and wished I would be a Soul Train dancer some's never too late...LOL!
Bethenny Discusses Her Divorce
563 days ago

Thank you Ellen for having Bethenny on and thank you Bethenny for not cancelling! Divorce does not discriminate... I too have experienced divorce with children and I was watching the show with a friend and agreed it is excruciating pain to go through and I don't wish it on anyone...she said "ya, but it must be a lot easier to have all her money and go through it"...I told her pain is pain, and love is love!
Also, I too thought I was a failure after getting divorced! Everyone said, "oh, you're beautiful inside and out, you will have no problem finding someone else..." after 3 years that has gotten very old...LOL! I turned 46 today and spent the day with very close friends and my beautiful 82 year old Mother with Alzheimer's(who still reminds me every year on my birthday that when I was born they had to go to the children's ward to get me a shirt because I was soo big-10 lbs.) Hell ya, I would have loved to have spent it with a hot partner, but I am still healing myself and continue to heal every day...and what a fantastic partner I will be when the Universe knows I am ready! You go Bethenny! I have always admired your strength and candidness!!! And Ellen, I tape your show every day! ;) Thanks for the laughs and cries you two!