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Sandie Briggs
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About Me I am retired, my friends & husband call me the f in good fairy it makes me feel good to help and do good things for friends and family. I am a breast cancer survivor had )3 back fusions) knee replacement ) go to gym 3 times a week have 5 dogs and 2 cats and I am raising my 17 yr old nephew for last 5 years been married only once 24 yrs now. Always loved to dance was going to be a show girl in LV as l grew up there until I played soccer and torn my knee out. Now a new knee replacement can dance with you daily. Your favorite fan. Sandie
Sandie Briggs
Message from Ellen
108 days ago

I want you to know how much you touch my life. I just retired 3 years ago. First year breast cancer, but beat it, next right knee replacement , this year Dec 18th, I had a twelve disc fusion! I think you are wonderful and you make me smile everyday! If I can't see you I record u. I have two metal rods down my back but am now swimming and going back to gym to ride bike! I try dancing everyday ! You make me "happy" just like the song. I only wish you the best in your life! Love the way you harass your guest so funny but with such class! Hope you have a Happy Easter and wonderful life,. Avid fan.
Sandie Briggs

Sandie Briggs
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226 days ago

Hi Ellen, Merry Christmas to you and yours!!i won't get to see Tuesday and Wednesday's possibly Thursday's show as driving in am to UCSFHEALTH for a 12 disc fusion so I can get straighten up as have scolosics but I am taking your new CD to listen to going and coming, I will miss you as your show makes my day makes me laugh and want to dance straight for a change! Hoping all goes well so I will be able to watch your show possibly Friday, I never miss it! Best of the holidays!!! Sandie

Sandie Briggs
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447 days ago

I can't find the video with you and Sophia Viagra (oops) you putting makeup on her face with your hands! I laughed until I wet my pants! And my family said I never laugh but I do everyday I watch your show. And the little boy singing Bruno Mars song to you today as he touched your hand when he sang I didn't bring you flowers. Always so cute and funny!! I even got a new knee replacement so I can dance!! One of your many fans. Sandie