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Sanam Swiri Tibui Anye
Name Sanam Swiri Tibui Anye
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Hobbies Singing and acting
About Me I am a married girl and i stay home wife. I am 26 years old. I am an expectant mom and God willing i will be seeing my baby for the first time on June 19th.
Sanam Swiri Tibui Anye
Kai Langer, LL Cool J
63 days ago

I could watch Kai all day and never even notice time pass me by. He is sooooooooooo cute. Kai + Ellen= Day off work.Adorable

Sanam Swiri Tibui Anye
Kim Kardashian, Dermot Mulroney
197 days ago

Hi Ellen i just signed 10 minutes ago on your show's website.I am married and live in Germany and watch your show on you tube only because that is the only means i have.I am glad to be a part of your show because your heart knows no boundaries.