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SaMelvian Giles
Name SaMelvian Giles
Location La Vergne, TN
Age 50
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Hobbies play piano
About Me I am 49 and grandmother of five girls. I have custody of my seventeen years old grand daughter since she was two. I have been unemployed since 2005 and most of my teeth are broken or gone. If I send you a picture you would laugh because I just have one tooth at the top front of my mouth. Going through hard times even though my grand daughter understands. Really need a job to pay off student loans, provide for my granddaughter and transportation. I told her one day I would buy me a Ford Escape and her a small car for her capabilities. It is hard to go for a interview. I just take care of grandchildren and an elderly ill man. Everyone wants my attention and time where as I am confuse. I really enjoy your show and it thrills me where as my grand daughters start like watching especially when Grace and Rosie are on. How do you stay so wire up and cheerful? Please stay that way and keep us happy and cheerful.