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Samantha Pagan
Name Samantha Pagan
Location Dallas, Texas
Age 15
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Hobbies *singing *hang out *taking pictures *listening to music *listening to one direction
About Me I'm a DIRECTIONER ! Yes I love One Direction ❤️ I love watching Ellen's show, it's so funny I'm 14 I live with my aunt, uncle, brother, and my aunt has a disable sister & we have 4 dogs. My mom passed away March 12, 2013 , she had colon cancer. My mom was my best friend. My dad lives in Florida. One Direction inspired me every since mom passed away, a huge shout out to them & a huge thank you !
Samantha Pagan
Jack Black Gets Scared by a Raccoon
272 days ago

Dear Ellen,
I'm 14 & I love watching your shows !
They are so funny !!!!
Your really cool and so sweet with everybody !
I heard one direction is going to be on your show on Novebmber 9th !
I wish I was going to be there so bad and see them with my own eyes, but I can't because I live in Dallas, but I'll will wait till November 9th to see y'all (;
Well bye Ellen & I hope you will see this ! ;*