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Samantha Hickey
Name Samantha Hickey
Location Richmond, NSW
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About Me I'm 34, single mama to 3 beautiful kids, Brandon 18, Jasmine 15, Charli Grace 3, I work as an Aged Carer & I love my job
Samantha Hickey
Are You Ellen's Biggest Fan in Australia?
533 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I am by far the Biggest Fan of yours, I've been filling out comps to win a trip to USA so I could come to your show so imagine my excitement when I hear your coming Down Under to Oz.. Ok so I've racked my brains to figure out how to show you I'm your biggest fan, couple of ideas to run past you; I don't look anything like you but you can do a makeover on me to make me look like you (or vice versa ha ha) cut my hair, dye it, whatever you want.. Second idea; I have a major fear of birds, my mama whom I love very much decided when I was 4 to take me to the UK and take me to Trafalgar Square , now your thinking "Sam, whats wrong with your mum taking you overseas & on an outing" as you probably know (or Tony would) Trafalgar Square has lots & lots & lots of pigeons, mum gave me a handful of bird seed & put me in the middle of the pigeons, I was covered in them omg, so now I have this fear of birds, getting to the point of what a massive fan I am of yours, I am willing to be put in a cage full of birds with feed if I can be at your show in Australia. See what a fan I am! Please Ellen I've got 3 kids & money's tight & as much as I want to pay all the money in the world to come to your show I can't