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Samantha Draft
Name Samantha Draft
Location Dillwyn, VA
Age 19
Joined 149 days ago
Hobbies Reading, video games, playing outside (never too old), and singing.
About Me I'm originally from Florida and I miss it with a passion. I've been a huge fan of the Ellen show basically forever (don't feel old) and I will continue to be. I dream of traveling to Great Britain, Germany, France, and Italy. Europe is just so amazing. Personality wise, sometimes I'm so chillax I'm like a sloth. Other times I'm random and hyper. I don't know- maybe I'm bipolar.
Samantha Draft
The Tenacious Tim Allen
149 days ago

Can't wait to see you bring the house down with your never-ending supply of humor and raise the roof across the stage. If that made no sense, oops.