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sam wenrich
Name sam wenrich
Location Selinsgrove, PA
Age 70
Joined 230 days ago
About Me Ellen, I'll be 70 come x few weeks, don't kno how I made it.. A 23 yr military vet (disabled) not as bad as others.. Retired in 1983.. I don't do twitter or facebook.. please accept me as a friend, and hopefully your will provide me with special holiday gifts.. Thank you
sam wenrich
Ellen's Astounding Assortment of Web Videos
217 days ago

Ellen, I watch you every day, you have a great program, even tho you are in LA, and I'm in PA..

I've tried to get into your 12 days of Christmas, but couldn't get it done.. That young 16 yr old Canadian is great, seen him on your program today.
Ellen keep up pleasing people.... Many yrs ago my ex and toured Graceland..

Love and Merry Christmas to You & Portia.


sam wenrich
Message from Ellen
230 days ago

Ellen, I watch your tv program daily.. I love what you and your sponsors do for all the folks in your audience and thro ught. I am no one special, but believe for those not so fortunate..
Send me your 3-4 days of Christmas and I will give to the needy/homeless.. I have a big house/heart - welcome those to share comfort/heat/food to those not so fortanate.. Me and my dog (companion) welcome all. I live in Selinsgrove, PA... Please keep up the great job.. Getting big time cold/snow.. Thank you... Sam