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Name Sadie
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Hobbies playing Basket ball Singing
About Me I love Justin bieber&my family. I love playing basketball, and volley ball.
Win a Chance to Be the Next CoverGirl!
529 days ago

Hello Ellen.My name is sadie General, and im 13. I have always seen these beautiful girl on the cover girl commercials and i would be so happy if you were to pick me to have this. i have always wanted to be a model and this would be my dream come true ! i would like to do this to prove to people you don't have to be a size 0 to be beautiful, looks don't matter. its whats inside you that makes you beautiful. Every girl is beautiful and should listen to people that say different. i would be beyond happy if i won this ! <3 also Good Luck to all the girls that are trying to win this, your all beautiful ! <3