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Sabrina Martinez
Name Sabrina Martinez
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Hobbies Cooking, fishing, camping and adoring my grandson
About Me I am very proudly a 24 year military wife that was fortunate enough to marry my high school sweetheart. I am the mother of two incredible kids a son (Ty) and daughter (Shayla) and I'm also a grandmother to the most adorable little boy on earth. I truly feel that even though I became a grandmother much earlier than I thought I would, it is my true calling in life. I'm a veterinary technician and am passionate for both people and their pets. And I'm a only child to a single mother that has been fighting anal cancer for the last 3 years. Unfortunately her battle is coming to an end and just before our sons wedding in October, we found out that my Momma is now terminal. I have been a fan of Ellen's since her sitcom and standup, and cannot express how thankful I am to see her in my home everyday and laugh. She truly makes me laugh out loud everyday I watch. What an extraordinary human she is, thank you, thank you Ellen for bringing me laughter in a time that I just want to cry. Gods blessing to you and yours always!
Sabrina Martinez
Kelly Clarkson Performs 'Underneath the Christmas Tree'
230 days ago

I know Kelly was a little embarrassed for being so talkative, but I personally found it lovely. She seems so down to earth and like a old friend. Congrats on your marriage, your baby and your beautiful Christmas album. A fan since day 1, Sabrina