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Saadiqa S El
Name Saadiqa S El
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Hobbies Sewing, crossword puzzels
About Me i am a 64 year old disabled person with a passion for life. I love to travel and have been to Europe several times.I enjoy cooking going to the movies and I volunteer 3 times a month at a food bank.I love my grand children and I just went on line to meet someone Been a widow for 11 years.
Saadiqa S El
Steve Harvey, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
495 days ago

On December the 21st 2012 I lost the last of my true friends and went into a deep depression almost like when my best friend(my husband ) died in 2001. I must confess that I stopped watching your show for a while and got even more depressed. Your show and another show that comes on before you are the highlights of my day and were at the top of my list of things to put back in my life after I got the help I needed to be hole again. I aspire to be the loving and caring person that you are. You make me laugh and help me finish out the rest of my day. I truly believe that your greatest gift is that you help people. You certainly have helped me. I trust that your show stays on the air for a long time Thank you for helping me.
Saadiqa Saabira El
SAA-dee-qua SAA-bee-ra Eel