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ryan porter
Name ryan porter
Location dayton , ohio
Age 35
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Hobbies love cooking spending time with my son shopping when i have the money watching tvand just doing mommy things
About Me I am a single mom to 1 a 5yr old son the light of my life I am currently in a sistuation where we might loose everything we have currently been displaced since december when our lights got shut off i lost my job in september and have not been able to rebound i couldnt buy my son anything for christmas ive tried to reach out to different agencys to receve help for me and my son it has been so devestating over these last few months Im hopping that my landlord will be willing to work with me Im only getting 260 a week in unemployment I have to make rent carnote food things for my baby try to find work in my feild of warehouse or what I went to college for a registered phlebotomist idk just looking for a little help if you can help me you can call me @937-275-1698 thank you ms. ryan p
ryan porter
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169 days ago

Hi my name is Ms ryan and i was just wondering do ellen really help people out in need of help i have been asking for help for a while i have asked so many of my family and friends for help and different agencys for help here in ohio for help for me and my baby well my son whome we are on the verg of being put out of our home and being homeless is not a good feeling i have been trying to find work since ive lost my job back in september of 2013 and it has really been a struggle my power has been shut off since december and ive delt with a community company that had gave me the run around until today 2/7/2014 so their willing to turn my power back on this comming monday so me and my son have been displaced since december but we are on the verge of being put out because i cant pay the rent with the 260... a week from unemployment or pay my car note im not even really suppose to be driving because they suspended my licsence but i figure im a mom and i have all these different things im facing right now i cant really get any help to help me get back on my feet I am a college grad and I cant even get a job in my feild of study as a registered phlebotomist could someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME SO THAT I CAN HELP MYSELF AND MY CHILD IF YOUR REALLY REAL YOU AND ELLEN CAN CALL ME AT 937-275-1698 THANK YOU SO MUCH