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Ruth Marron
Name Ruth Marron
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Hobbies I like hiking although I don't do it enough, & art.. spending time with family
About Me I am ruth... not sure what to say. I would like to be as free as I used to be, but have Responsibilities $$, wish I could travel even to Yosemite or Wyoming, I really truly love nature, when I was little I wanted to work with National Geographic. I love animals so much, now I work @ Pasadena Humane Society and I get to help and see doggies everyday, that makes me happy, wouldn't it be great if we could do so much more Ellen? what do you think? I admire what you are about.. you carry yourself in a true manner, & I feel that you are truly free. That is awesome. Once I tried to get tickets to your show, but It was standby, & I wanted to meet you. I even dreamt I met you and we hung out... Well Ellen my break is almost up. Today is my mom's birthday we are hanging out with her tonight. I send you a giant hug your pal, ruth marron :)
Ruth Marron
Ellen Arrives in Melbourne!
484 days ago

Hi Ellen & Portia,
How's it? glad you had a great time :) I really missed you, I watch you everyday during my lunch time. I work up in the field services dept. of animal control, & sometimes while watching you I bust out cracking up, trying to not laugh so loud but you get me every time. I'm glad that you have a show and that you make so many people happy with your whit and charm and love too :) your are the best
love your pal,
ruth a.k.a. superlicensing chicka heee....hee...