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Ruth Machain
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About Me I just turned 54, and getting a divorce. I recently signed up to take online courses which I am about to finish the first quarter. I want to be able to help my daughter fulfill her dreams because she sacrificed so much of hers to help others.
Ruth Machain
Tell Us About an Act of Kindness
227 days ago

Dear Ellen, I would like to tell you about my daughter Lauren, who is a huge fan of yours. She is 26 and beautiful. She donated one of her kidneys five years ago and has health problems since then. She finished her last three years of college and received her BA. She was accepted into the masters program of the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. Ellen she has always put others ahead of herself, she took care of me when I overdosed on anxiety medicine in August, she put off starting school in September and October. She couldn't go home so she slept in her car with her two dogs and three cats. She has since saved another from being euthanized. While I was in the hospital my husband took all the money out of the bank accounts. I filed for divorce in mid August and it has just drug on and on. She has been helping me sort things out, encouraged me to take online courses so that I can get a good job. I have been a stay-at-home mom for 18 years. In the midst of all of this she was diagnosed with a seizure disorder in February of 2013. She has had so many setbacks but yet she keeps going. Her one wish is to relocate to California and pursue her MFA. One of the first things she wants to do is see your show, she has so much respect and admiration for all the wonderful things you do.
She is such a wonderful person, she always sees the good in everyone, but has never been on the receiving end. Just last week she put her last dollar in the salvation army bucket. I told her to save it, she said that "there are people out there that need it more."
She is a wonderful friend, daughter and caregiver. She's the kind of person that gets a phone call in the middle of the night and rushes to help a friend in need.
Words cannot express how grateful I am that you bring so much joy to people and encourage us all to get involved in helping others.
May hope is that we can relocate and start our life over with a fresh start and my daughter will be able to start school and have the life that she so richly deserves.
Our most wonderful wishes for you and your family during this holiday season.
Ruth & Lauren

Ruth Machain
Tell Us About an Act of Kindness
251 days ago

Dear Ellen,

I have never done anything like this but here goes. I have a beautiful daughter who donated her kidney on September 23, 2008. ( the kidney went to her older brother who was diagnosed with LUPUS when he was twelve, he's doing great.) She gave up so much for someone else and she'd probably do it again. Since then she has had health concerns that have prevented her from doing what she truly loves. She has been ill for the last five years, at first it was a cardio issue that was never explained. She then was diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, her blood pressure drops and she goes limp, however, in February of this year she was having a bad episode so we took her to the ER. They ran tests and discovered she has a seizure disorder. We have no idea if the kidney donation attributed to her illness, she has missed out on so many opportunities it breaks my heart. She did just turn 26. She has been accepted to the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, as of yet we haven't got a clue how to do this. I am going through a divorce and it has made things difficult. She has two dogs and four cats, they have been her therapy and have seen her through rough times. Someday, I hope we can come to Burbank and see your show. Even though it has been hard she still believes in organ and tissue donation and that it is a huge commitment to give someone a second chance.

My sincere apologies for rambling, please keep her in your thoughts, (like you don't have enough already)

Keep up all the wonderful things you do, you are a true inspiration.


Ruth Machain

P.S. My daughter will kill me if she knew I wrote to you.