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About Me we lost everything 2 years ago so have lived here in my brother-in-laws house. So not much we have rules no friends or family can come visit us because brother-in-law works nights so sleeps days. my husband works hard but just can't afford our own place and we live to far from he's work so it cost alot for him to get back and forth to work. We have a very old car that does not get good gas milage so i get to go out 2 days a week when he's off work we live far out of town. Can't even afford christmas 2 years now that we are not buying christmas for kids and grand kids staying here as not to let anyone down again
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297 days ago

Just wanted to say just love you and your show wish I could come watch your show just truly feel happy when i watch you 5 days a week and i DVR them so i can re watch them some time, Thank you for being you

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419 days ago

please let this be the right room to enter for tickets to the 12 days of Christmas. love you ellen

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584 days ago

I don't have a house or even appartment for the closet but do need a need sofa mine has been in storage so long its not good. Living with my husband brother for about 2 years. I miss having my own space and coming and going when i want and having friends and family over which we can't here but hopfully we will beable to rent after tax returns. thank you Ellen for being you and helping others when you can