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Russ Zimmer
Name Russ Zimmer
Age 62
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Hobbies Photography, fishing
About Me Grew up in So. Philly and moved to Florida after visiting a friend and caught the biggest Bass in my life. Love your show and you even more would love to meet you in person but I never get any of my wishes. Thank you for being YOU (KIND)
Russ Zimmer
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227 days ago

Would love to meet you in person you are AWESOME to me.

Russ Zimmer
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228 days ago

Russll zimmr
November 29, 2013
Ellen Degeneris
Dear Ellen:
First and foremost you are the most wonderful person I know of and your kindness will be rewarded some day for all you do. I see how much you help folks in need of help. I was wandering if you can help me, make that help my dog. She has some kind of skin problem that is making hr chew her tail and back.
You know lots of folks that help animals in need and my baby girl sure could use some help. I am inserting pictures of what I am going thru with her. I collect SSI and every time I take her to the Vet it costs $80 and as soon as I run out of the steroid spray she goes back to chewing on herself.
She is my only companion only 6 yrs and old very obedient and loyal I hate seeing her suffer any longer. Really love you never miss your show. The hour goes by too fast. But makes me feel better for the whole day. Thank you for the entertainment.

Russell Zimmer Jr.
Retired Master Carpenter

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