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Rudy W Cox
Name Rudy W Cox
Location De Soto, MO
Joined 219 days ago
Hobbies Used to love painting, gardening, lots of crafting, jogging, etc... But have bad back and many back surgery this days :(
About Me I am a 53 yrs young mom, grand mom , wife and dog owner, a little bit out of order but still have my sense of humor, love to watch Ellen, she is inspirational person, beautiful at that too. She have some really cool guess on her show and I enjoy that, I still can cook, have not enough strength in my wrist to carry heavy pots or pans but I manage the best I can. I also love to visit with my grandchildren in Florida, but with my illness and surgeries is like, take a number and wait for my turn. Oh we'll I just try to live to the fullest and watching Ellen completes the moment, she is fun, I Love her. God Bless her and her Family
Rudy W Cox
Ellen Blue Beats Headphones!
172 days ago

Ellen, hello dear watching religiously , would love a pair of those Ellen blue dr. Dre headphones if any left over after this show segment. We'll still recuperating after my lumbar fusion with the s1 and decompression. Oh so much pain but taking it easy, and in between all my husband is remodeling our house, peew, oh some time it makes me depress but yet got to deal with it. Any way my dear Ellen until the next one when you and Sofia velgara get together. Have fun with her .

Rudy W Cox
Win Day 11 of 12 Days!
218 days ago

Wow, those are amazing gift/prizes, who ever get them is a lucky person. I wish to get some tickets for Ellen's show, but I see is all booked to the gills hmmm! Oh we'll maybe next time. I love you Ellen, God bless can't wait to today's show. See you then. Oh, oh, oh don't forget to mention "target" compromise people credit card information and now they are the victims of identity theft. Beware and vigilant don't use your credit card at any "Target" until the problem is solve or else:(

Rudy W Cox
Julia Roberts Gets Crafty
219 days ago

Omg, you guys were so funny, screaming on Martha Stewart ear, I was oh crap watch it she might cut her hands, oh lol