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An act of kindness that I have ever experienced is when my parents decided to take in my 2 cousins as there own children to raise after they lost both parents. There dad abandoned them when they were still babies. Leaving their mom to care for them along with my grandparents, my grandpa passed away on August 17, 2010 at the age of 102 he was there father not just grandfather. For them his death was hard and they still are saddened by it. Then they got word in 2012 that there dad might had been murdered in Mexico and we were never able to conform this and he has been missing there whole life. Then the unimaginable happened when there mom passed away in her sleep on May 16, 2013. Her oldest son who was at the time 13 years old, was sleeping next to her when she passed and was the one who found her dead when he woke up to go to school that morning. She had battled with Colon Cancer since the age of 17; she was a rare case since colon cancer is not common at all at that age. She went into recovery but was constantly in and out of the hospital since then. A month before she passed she had broken both of her legs when she fell down the stairs of their trailer home in Wellton, Arizona. Her two kids Antonio and Moises were left orphaned with neither of their parents. My grandma and my parents fought for legal guardianship this August and were granted Permanent Guardianship. My dad makes $2,000 a month and I work part-time and make $800 a month and attend school at CSULB full-time. WE knew that it would be a huge responsibility to take on two more kids into our daily lives. We are a family of 5 and now with my two cousins and my grandmother living with us we are a family of 8. We rent a 2 bedroom home with our rent being 1,300 a month. We barely are able to pay and barely manage to pay our utilities and we go weeks with no groceries. We try our best to be strong for these two kids who have lost both their parents in a year. I just want them to have a wonderful Christmas this year since it will be the first one without their mom. My aunt was my best friend she was only 31 when she passed she would have been 32 this October, she was more than an aunt she was a sister to me. I am 21 years old and I want to try and ease the expenses for my parents as much as I can and still try and do well in school in order to graduate. I tutor my cousins since they are both on their way to seek professional attention to cope with this devastating loss in their life at such young ages the oldest is 14 and the youngest 11. My parents took on a huge responsibility but I have to say I am proud that they were not selfish at all and thought about this kids who don't have anything.