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Ruben Guerena
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Hobbies Play basketball, do long bicycle rides.
About Me I was named Ruben after my father and i have an 11 month old son also named Ruben. Funny story, i went into an ADIDAS store not long ago and i saw an RGIII t shirt and i bought 2 of them, because those are my son's initials. I did not know at the time those initials were for a football player, i just thought of my son. I love what i do for my career and i work hard to find the way to help every person i get to work with.It is kind of hard for me to pay for my certifications on a Mexican salary, but i thank my Dad who is in heaven having a great time with my other family members that have past away, because he taught me how to save money so i know i will accomplish my goals.
Ruben Guerena
Lisa Jarmon Sees Her New Home
222 days ago

I have seen many of the YouTube videos were Ellen helps out people and even the cast of my favorite morning radio show the DSC mentioned Ellen's huge heart and how she uses her show to help those in need and not just herself.

At least in my part of the world (Rosarito Baja California, Mexico)it is not common to see people helping each other. I am a certified personal trainer and i get to help people with chronic degenerative health and structural problems regain their independence ( i don't always succeed, but i always give it my best try) and i can just imagine what Ellen feels, because when the people i work with see how much they are able to do after they thought that their health condition had taken their freedom away, just that look in their face is thanks enough.So, thanks Ellen for doing what you do, because you inspire me to keep learning and working hard so i can do my little part and help those that need it.

God Bless!