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Hobbies Watching Ellen! Of course. But I also run, study personal growth/psychology, cooking and magic. OK, there is a heck of a lot more than this.
Roy Naim
Kick in the Kindness Challenge: Day 3
525 days ago

This is my favorite thing in the use humor to make someone else feel good.

And humor is kinda easy. I mean, I am no comedian at all - trust me on that but if you look at the everyday thing in the world, like Ellen, you can find humor in all.

For example, I have a friend in the hospital and I called him one morning and started off with the most random conversation. He cracked up. I then went on explaining to him the headaches I went through to buy a juicer machine for the house and how complicated it is to find one as oppose to a blender. He was cracking away.

Then I told him about bananas. Do you believe those things? Get them upset and they turn brown. Hot or cold - brown. Hold them wrong, they go mush.

So much responsibility for such a fruit. I think a baby is easier.

At the end of the hour call he was so happy and that is what it is all about.


Roy Naim
Kick in the Kindness Challenge: Day 2
526 days ago

This is easy.

Once a week I reach out to someone who inspires me by email or a call and I tell them.

Often I may highlight them.

No matter where we in life, no matter our struggles, there is always someone who lights the way and is a ray of hope.

One such person, that comes to mind now, is Jose Antonio Vargas. This man was able to bring me hope when I was lost. To shine light when it felt dark.

I express by gratitude to him often and I wish I can do something back in return, for example, getting him to meet Beyonce one on one. Yes, he is a HUGE fan.

Just saying, Ellen. :)

Roy Naim
Bethenny Discusses Her Divorce
561 days ago

I've found this segment moving.

For one, LOVED what Ellen said about Bethany is not a failure.

As long as one put in the effort, one's event in life does not descrie who they are.

Yes, one thing did not work out, but so many things did.

That one thing is not you. It is just a small part of what happened but not who you are.

Roy Naim
Padma Lakshmi's Pondicherry Lentil Salad
562 days ago

Hey Team Ellen.

There is a mistake in the recipe. The veggies are to be sauteed before mixing it in with the lentils.

But this does sound good.