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roy couch
Name roy couch
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Hobbies napping and dancing at will....badly..:)
About Me PE teacher at Fitz school in garden grove...
roy couch
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245 days ago

hello Ellen or Ellen's publicists that reads this. I am presently at lax on my way to phillipines to help out in any way I can. I am writing to you because I think it is so cool the way you dance at any time , anywhere. I love your inspiration. I am a middle school teacher in garden grove and I do the same thing in front of my class. They think im nuts but I tell them its so cool do do what makes you feel good and when I see you dance on your show it inspires me. I wish you could dance for our students so they are not so uptight and worried what others think?
back to the reason Im emailing you..
My cousin is turning 50 years old and she is so much in love with your show but she cant get tickets. she lives in winterpeg(Winnipeg ) , Manitoba . I was wondering if there was any way you could surprise her and send her tickets for a bday surprise?
her name is Theresa Gregg and her email is
I am asking you this now because I don't know if I will get back from phillipines safely and if I don't maybe you could fulfill my wish? ;)
people ask me why the hell am Im going all by myself to help out philiipines instead of spending thanks giving with family and I tell them WHY NOT? ellen would do something this spontaneous and so Im gonna try to do the same.
thanks Ellen for being such a great role model and I wish you the best this holiday season!!
Forever grateful to people like you..
wish me luck in phillipines !!! :)
Fitz School PE teacher