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Roxana Martinez
Name Roxana Martinez
Location Miami, Florida
Age 51
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Hobbies painting,boating,reading,watching television shows like Ellen :)
About Me I'm a single mom of three; 1 son (18) named Christian, and 2 daughters Monique(20) and Nicole 23. I'm unemployed but I know we will be ok :) My kids remind me when I'm depressed that this to will pass.
Roxana Martinez
Day 1 of 12 Days, and Sexiest Man Alive Adam Levine!
238 days ago

I love you and your show soo much! thank you for making me smile when my life is very sad right now. My health is not good and I cant work for a long time and have no income or red cent to my name but somehow you make me forget all my problems when I watch your show and OMG Adam Levine is so handsome, he is one of my Christmas gifts (THANKS) his fiancee is so beautiful also and very lucky! God bless you for all you do for everyone and for being so beautiful inside and out! xoxo