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Roxana Arce
Name Roxana Arce
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Hobbies Love to dance. Play with my babys.
About Me Mother 2 Happy And to Honest hahaha
Roxana Arce
Pamela Anderson, Jimmy Buffett
285 days ago

Hi Ellen my name is Roxana today 10/16/13 i went to your show it was so excited that i couldn't breath.I just wanted to say thank you for giving use the opportunity to let use go to your show for free to share your joy.I cant wait to try to get tickets again to go watch you do your thing.And i also want to say that you inspire me because everything that you do.And i hope that one day i get a better job so i could one day give back to my parents cause they have done so much for me when they dont have anything to give they just find a way. So just thank you for today thank you for what you do and i hope i get to really me you one day.