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Rostas Remus  Ovidiu
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Rostas Remus  Ovidiu
$50,000 for an Incredible School
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Santa Sponsorship Request Christams 2013-Romania

We are Michael Jackson Human Nature Association Cluj- Napoca, Romnaia we want to organize a show in Santa on December 23 at Center Street Pinocchio on No. 51 sugar factory in Cluj-Napoca and I want to look for sponsors for children in centers placements and we want to show we roam and provide children with a gift for each child and take them out and shared their suffering and want of his help but we need a small amount to help where we can buy gifts sweets children and about an amount of about 33 million so we need about 50 small children from orphanages but we want to thank you and the whole sufetul if we can until then to approve sponsorship for these children can contact Santa at: email: or Phone No 0040755391496 my Address Str Blajului nr 16, 400 393 Cluj-Napoca Romania my postcode Names : Michael Rostas Remus Organising Association Jackosn Cluj-Napoca Romania Thank you Sponsors