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Rosette Fomunung
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About Me i am a university graduate,married with two kids,have worked in europe for 4 years doing odd jobs to raise money for my charity which i started 3years ago.its hard for me but i am farrrrrrrrrrrr better than alot of people in my village,so after following Ellen for 1year,i feel very encourage when she ends the show by saying BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER,Ellen please support me to be able to raise some money for my charity,i have sorted out 32 kids for the school year 2013-2014,but i am not sure about 2014-2015 because i am back to africa and i got no job,CAN I COME AND BE A CLEANER IN YOUR GARDEN,anyway you inspire me,i know ur help donot reach out to african,but u inspire me to continue my charity,THANK YOU ELENNNNN,God bless.cheers
Rosette Fomunung
Ellen Addresses Her JCPenney Critics
199 days ago

Ellen you are so kind,please come to africa,