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Rosemarie Ross-Arthur
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Rosemarie Ross-Arthur
Win All the Prizes from Day 12 of 12 Days!
583 days ago

I have been trying to win and register for day 11, which I really wanted to win and today but for some reaaason I am unable to. I love Ellen so much and really need some of the prizes offered especially yesterday prizes. Is there any way I could be put an a list to win? Please let Ellen know I really love her and if I don't win this year I will continue to play every year as I have done, This is the first time I was unable to register for the last two games.

Rosemarie Ross-Arthur
Win All the Prizes from Day 8 of 12 Days!
587 days ago

Ellen I love you so much. I have been entering to win the twelve days since you started the twelve days. What do I need to do? I need help!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Thanks for all you do.

Rosemarie Ross-Arthur
Win All the Prizes from Day 5 of 12 Days!
594 days ago

Ellen I love you. I have been a fan since you were doing stand up. I work two jobs and have to tape your show. My grandson and I watch you together since he was a year old. He gets so excited and dances with you. I have to replay you dancing four to five times before he is satisfied. I got sick recently and if it wasn't for you I don't think I would have come out of my depression. I love you so much and appreciate everything you do. You make me laugh and lift my spirits. I want to say thank you and want you to know how much I love you. I celebrate my birthday tomorrow and am happy I can tell you. As Gladys would say keep on keeping on. Love Marie