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Roseanne Brower
Name Roseanne Brower
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Roseanne Brower
Beth Behrs Dances on 'Ellen'!
438 days ago

I love watching 2brokegirls very relatable characters, hope you guys have many seasons

Roseanne Brower
Worried About Gifts This Season?
604 days ago

Hello Ellen, happy holidays to you and your family. As of last year i found out i have fibromyalsia, spinal stenosis and my neck bone is backwards. I am no longer able to work. I am trying to recieve disability. I am very lucky to have found a man who takes care of me. We are struggling with all bills, rent,car note,cable, and food.
This has made me very depressed, i feel worthless and useless. On top of all this the worst thing that could happen to a mother has happened. My only child, my son at the age of seventeen passed this february. He was all i lived for. There are so very few things in my life time that have been wonderful. Ive never won anything and nothing has ever been given to me. Ive worked hard and struggled all my life. It is very hard for me to write to you asking for help. Ive never asked for help before, i was to proud and felt that asking for help meant that i have failed. I have 2 people left in my life that deserve to have for christmas, thats my nephew and my mom. I love watching your show, it gives me something to look forward to day by day. Your wonderful. Thank you for being you. Love Roseanne