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Rose Mary Henson
Name Rose Mary Henson
Location Middletown, Delaware
Age 57
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Hobbies Dancing, Candy Crush!!!
About Me I am a carrying, giving and fun person. I feel so bad when I see people in need. My husband always says if you ever hit the lottery, you would be broke! Well I would keep some for myself!!! But I love and care about people. It just breaks my heart that I cannot help my son and his wife to pay towards his College tution. Not only do they have a mortgage, but his tuition is like another mortgage. Now they have a baby on the way. I will hopefully retire in 8 years and I am thinking about taking some of my 403B retirement money to help pay towards his tuition. Why do these poor kids in our country have to have that burden over their heads. It is bad enough that he wasn't able to get the job that he went to school for. Anyway I love you too and watch your show all of the time. Porsha is beautiful too and we just love your Mom and love it when you show her on TV! I never see anyone show their Mom on TV! Keep up the great entertainment!!!
Rose Mary Henson
Simon Cowell on His Son's Name
243 days ago

Why can't there be a way for a 29 year old to be able to have a family, pay his college loans, home mortgage, car payment and be stress free??? My son is my hero... He works long hours to keep it all going and keeps work at work. If I had one wish, it would be for him to take some of the pressure off of his shoulders!!! I love him so. ♡