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Rose Macurak
Name Rose Macurak
Location Pittsburgh, PA
Age 60
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Hobbies Love to watch the Ellen Show, I cochet, read, cook, love to be around my grandchildren.
About Me I grew up in Pittsburgh PA on the south side of the city. Living there was the greatest times of my life. I grew up with people from right off the boat's like Germany, Ireland, Poland, blue tails (was the name I heard when I was growing up and never new what nationality that was I always thought when I heard that that maybe there bums were blue maybe HA! HA!) anyway I learn so much from these ladies like how to cochet knitting sewing and cooking there nationality foods. I always remember what my grandfather used to say about the south side that he hope that it would always stay the way it is because its like living in paradise and he was right about that. I was a single mother with four children and tried to the best I could for them witch was not easy, until last mother day when my son Russie (who has two beautiful children) wish me a happy mother day and ask me HOW THE HELL DID YOU DO YOU DO THIS WITH FOUR CHILDREM MOM! I said with him with the help of prays and a couple of beverages. I could sit here all day and tell you so much more about me and could turn in to a book. I grew up loving and enjoying Ellen. I respect her for being the women she is. I felt that she was going to far in her career, and new that one day she would make it, because she a women who loves to help the who needs help, You are wonderfull Ellen. I will turning the big sixty this year in August, and also my bff, I meet ten years ago, as we worked together at Riverview Center for The Jewish Home. My wish for this birthday is that Cheryl and I could come to Ellen show to celabrate our birthday with Ellen. Both of us really not have the funds to do that though. So maybe Ellen could wish a happy birthday on August 2nd. If you are reading this I thank you for taking the time in doing so.
Rose Macurak
Jude Law, Blind Pilot
550 days ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU happy birthday dear ELLEN HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. You will always be in my heart for all the wonderful and thoughtful things you do for the people who really need your help. I hope you Pouch ( I'm sorry if I spelled her name wrong) but anyways, I hope the best for you two forever, because of the love you share for each other. Sincerely yours, Rose