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rosario glunz
Name rosario glunz
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About Me I'm a preschool teacher for 28 years, I graduetedin Mexico and went to school in USA, my parents were hard agriculture workers, and keep there 2 las children in school. But only me gradueted.Unfortunly with my heart problems I become only partime teacher, but now not working. Thanks for let it me share. God Bless you Ellen.
rosario glunz
You Write, Ellen Responds!
321 days ago

Dera Ellen!! I love you're show is so Wonderful that you can make thing so different for GOOD!!. So many MIRACLES happen in the show tha I'm just Wondering if one of this day I will be picked by you and all you're team. Cuz I been sending you so many emails, letters,participating in Giveaways,etc,etc. But wit NO LUCK!!! I just lost my car my only transportation have 2 Beautiful children's that doing so well in High School my son is a 4.0 and my daughter in her New Job...I'm so Proud of them.But my self not doing so good, I'm trying so hard to keep going after 3 surgeries 2nd heart surgery and 2 other ones and waiting for one more with very little income that made me lost my car. I can't afford it any more. I'm begging you to Cosidered my situation and respond to me even is to say You Can't. I will still watch you're show. Is one of the best things of my day so I can get to laugh and some times have tears of Joy, for the Wonderful and Amazing person you're. Sincerely.Rosario

rosario glunz
Happy Birthday, Ellen!
543 days ago

Just want to express to ELLEN that my Family and I wish her a WONDERFUL ...HAPPYY BBIRRTTHHDDAYY!!!!we love you. All our Prayers to you today,so THE LORD Bless you always for beenn an AMAZING person. Sincerely..Rosario Glunz.

rosario glunz
Quote of the Day: Too Cold
552 days ago

Just want to say"" I love you're show Ellen even today here in woodland Ca was freezing"""hope one day I come and MEET you. God Blees you.sincerely Rosario

rosario glunz
Message from Ellen
611 days ago

Just want to wish Ellen and Portia the Best Thanksgiving,and also to let Ellen know how much a care and love her and the show. For the past 12 months I been out of work with a low income and had since March my 2nd heart surgery and in september,2012 2 other mayor surgeries. But most important I have a wonderful Husban and 2 Beautiful childrens, even I can support economicly,,but we are here together.Ifelt terrible when I foun out I wansn't selected for the 12 day of Xtmas. But here I'm asking if one day I come and meeting you, cuz at this time not even for transportation or accomadation I can't affor, I even loosing my car. But it's ok. I feel more haealthy now. only one more Surgery to go.. I love you Ellen. God Bless you all. Sincerely Rosario